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5 Quick Online Marketing Tips

When preparing online flyers for your business, you want to ensure they get attention. In a very busy marketplace, how do you get a crowd to notice? Well, you might try an online flyer.

All is not Abandoned - Don’t be Alarmed by High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

You may think that a 70% plus shopping cart abandonment rate is significantly high. The reality is that this high of an abandonment rate is actually standard across all ecommerce websites. The good news is that many customers will come back to complete a purchase at a later time so the effective rate of shopping cart abandonment is lower.

Don't Link to the Wrong Website

Did you know that sending your visitors to another website could place you on the list of dangerous websites?

The New Domain Name Extensions

In case you haven't heard, many new domain name extensions have become available. Instead of the most common domain extensions such as .com, .net. .org, you can now get extensions like .rocks, .ninja, .business and many more.

Do it Yourself Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For many small businesses, the cost of outsourcing SEO makes it unaffordable. That's where doing it yourself may be a better alternative.

Three Examples of Web Tools and Tips to Developing Them that Generate Inbound Leads

A web based tool that can collect and analyze data to provide visitors with specific recommendations and information customized to their needs can be a major asset in generating new business opportunities.

Google's Pending (Mobile) Algorithm Change and its Effect on your Website

If you have not yet updated your website's design to be mobile friendly, you risk falling behind your competition and showing lower on the search results.

Private Domain Name Registration (Domain Privacy) Explained

Private Domain Name Registration, often referred to as Domain Privacy, is a service whereby your contact information is masked. Learn how to add domain privacy to your account to hide your personal contact information from WHOIS lookups.

Goodbye Twitterverse

I quit Twitter. After more than five years using the service, it was time for me to drop the only social network I regularly used.

Mobile Website and App Pitfalls to Avoid

Remember desktop applications? While still used, mobile app usage surpassed desktop app usage more than a year ago. It’s one reason there has been an explosion in companies offering mobile app development, similar to the growth of companies developing websites when Internet usage expanded in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Three Ways to Disrupt Your Startup Business Before Someone Else Does

In technology, it’s only a matter of time before a startup comes along and does what you do better, faster and cheaper. As a technology company you need to build enough success with a product that produces strong cash flow to provide you the opportunity to find your next cash cow.

Before You Build or Pay Someone to Build Your Website, Read This First

It’s still stunning to know that so many businesses don’t yet have a website. If you’re in business or thinking of starting a business, a website is one of the first steps to take, like getting a business email address and phone number.