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About Banner Chamber of Commerce

Banner Chamber of Commerce is an internet chamber of commerce dedicated to helping you build, promote and grow your business. Your membership has a global reach as well as the ability to connect locally within your community. Since this is an online chamber of commerce, save time, money and resources while connecting virtually with other business members.

The Banner Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2021 as an alternative to traditional local chambers of commerce. Being a virtual chamber of commerce means less overhead and more resources spent on providing members with improved business opportunities.

  • Enjoy a level playing field
    Let’s face it. Local chambers of commerce cater to the richest members and leave small businesses, well, feeling small. Unlike those chambers of commerce, The Banner Chamber has one membership for all. We don’t charge membership fees based upon the number of employees or have tiers that favor the most well funded businesses. Whether a sole proprietor or massive conglomerate, your business will get equal exposure and treatment. 

Local chamber of commerce membership dues can be expensive, especially when they charge based upon the number of employees. Reach can also be limited to a small geographic area when your business may service customers in a much larger geographical area or even nationally or internationally!

The Banner Chamber of Commerce gives you a local, national, and even international reach for an affordable annual fee which is very competitive compared to local chambers of commerce.

You can join as an individual or a business. All memberships are managed by a single individual so we recommend including in your member profile the name/photo of the representative you want to be the primary representative and public face of your organization.

Annual membership to the Banner Chamber is only $299/year which is less than $25/month.

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